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Time Change Notice

Benjamin Franklin is given credit for being the first to suggest Daylight Savings Time in 1784.  However, it was not implemented until President Woodrow Wilson did so in 1918 during World War I to conserve coal and other fuels which were needed for our war effort.  The DST mandate was repealed after the war. Then […]

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3 Simple Ways to Start an Exit Plan in 2021

Written by John Carvalho in Divestopedia 3 Simple Ways to Start an Exit Plan in 2021 The new year always brings about a sense of a new beginning and planning for the future. Starting a new diet, hitting the gym or saving more money are all common New Year’s resolutions. Oftentimes committing to a small […]

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It may not look like the right time, but plenty of business owners head for the exits

While this article overstates the length of time it takes to prepare a business for a sale, the description of the burden of ownership is accurate, especially following a challenging year. “Yet even in good times owning a business can be a burden. It could be that the money gets really tight — with personally […]

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Higher Taxes on the Horizon? Strategies for Business Owners

Our friends at Northern Trust have published an article outlining options business owners have anticipating increased taxes under the new administration and Democrat control of Congress. Their first suggestion is a business sale to get ahead of potentially higher capital gains taxes in the future. With so many buyers eager to make acquisitions, now may […]

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New Year’s Resolution for Your Company: Cybersecurity

The new year typically brings thoughts of improving one’s life, whether through diet, exercise, reevaluating priorities or some other self-help trend of the day. That’s wonderful, and more power to you — I hope your resolution sticks. But while you do that, take a look at ways of improving your company and protecting your business. […]

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Remembering Pat Higgins

The K&A family sends prayers and condolences to Deborah and the Higgins family on the passing of long-time Senior Associate Pat Higgins. ?A good man, proud veteran and a great friend. William Patrick Higgins III passed away at home Monday morning, December 14, 2020, surrounded by his family. He was 79. Born in Fort Worth, […]

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Rumors of Oil’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Dr. Perryman does a great job of explaining Texas economics and has his hand on the pulse of activities across the entire state. His comments about the differences between this slowdown and other recessions should apply to industries outside of energy as well. Recovery is underway in many sectors. Key quote: “What has not been […]

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The Bulge Bracket is Coming for the Middle Market

The term “Bulge Bracket Banks” refers to the world’s largest multi-national banks. This article explains how because of the competitive environment these banks are reaching into the middle market for transactions. Much like selecting the proper legal counsel, choosing your banking partner is a vital piece of your advisory team. Contact us for recommendations. Written […]

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Maxims for Success (Part 27)

Kasper & Associates maintains faith in the American spirit and we believe in the power of positive thinking.  To that end, we’ve presented Maxims for Success — a collection of our favorite motivational quotes, essays and leadership advice. MAXIMS for SUCCESS –Part 26– At times like these, we at Kasper & Associates decided to share […]

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Selection of Counsel

Our friends at Boyne Capital in Miami published the following white paper outlining important aspects for business owners to consider when selecting an attorney in a business sale transaction. K&A has worked with a wide variety of legal counsel over the years and wholeheartedly agree with the need for a competent and experienced attorney to […]