Strong Aerospace Interest Continues

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Andrews Tool Company (ATC), an Arlington, Texas manufacturer of Power Feed machinery used by airframe companies, has been sold by Kasper & Associates (K&A).? Super advisory work was provided by Lud Jones of K&A so that all parties including the ATC Owner (widow of company founder), ATC’s General Manager and the new Owner are quite satisfied with K&A’s efforts.? During K&A’s marketing approach, 27 private investors and strategic buyers signed Non-Disclosure Agreements.? This buyer response is a continuing indication that the market for Texas companies is “off the charts”.

Critical Factors which spurred interest in ATC:

  • Consistently strong earnings for past 5 years
  • Proprietary products offered at competitive price points
  • Long-term reputation for providing superior customer service
  • Highly skilled employees remaining after sale

Recommendations by K&A:

  • Use of two IRS approaches to avoid most “double taxation” on the Sale of Assets
  • Restructure of marketing approach
  • Pursuit of gold mine of opportunities in International markets

For further information contact Layne Kasper

817/738-4220, ext. 102;?

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