How We Serve Clients

K&A specializes in representing sellers on an exclusive basis.? However, we sometimes represent buyers on a retainer basis if a situation dictates it.? Client leads typically come by referrals–from CPA’s, financial advisors, bankers and other financing professionals, attorneys, buyers or sellers we have previously dealt with, people we know in the community, “word of mouth,” and other M&A specialists.

K&A maintains contact with a wide range of potential buyers.? Our continually growing buyer database contains not only lists of buyers, but also information as to financial capability, management preferences, market and product preferences, etc.

While we often match a seller and buyer on our own, K&A has fee splitting agreements with several other M&A firms and business brokers in other areas of the United States.? Hence, K&A provides a company being sold both national and international exposure when it is warranted.

K&A’s seller clients tend to be located in North and Central Texas. Buyers are located across the United States as well as in other countries.

K&A’s initial presentation of a client company to potential buyers is typically by means of a one-page profile, which describes the business, but does not reveal its identity.? This profile is distributed directly to buyers and indirectly through our network of referral contacts.

K&A takes great pains to protect the confidentiality of a client company being sold.? We camouflage identity of the selling company until a potential buyer has signed a Confidentiality Agreement and has demonstrated the financial ability to complete a specific transaction.

Interested buyers who have passed this screening then receive our detailed Acquisition Analysis Report on the business.? This is a multi-page report, developed by K&A, which contains key information in a concise format.? Those who have a high degree of interest then visit the facility, meet the owners, and promptly proceed through the familiarization phase so that a written offer to purchase can be made.? All of these activities are orchestrated by K&A.

We are proud of our track record in assisting clients in realizing the highest financial return and personal satisfaction in the sale of their business — one of the most important events in a business owner’s professional career.