What Our Clients Say

When you are seriously considering selling your company and harvesting your hard earned equity, finding a hard working and trustworthy representative to facilitate the sale is critical.? No amount of fancy marketing materials or expensive office furniture can take the place of time, experience and effectiveness in the marketplace.? At Kasper & Associates we are proud of the work we do and even prouder of the business owners we serve and the world-class professionals we partner with on every transaction.? When we asked our clients and their trusted advisors what they would say to business owners about our company, our people and the way we do business, here is what they said:

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“Having a professional presentation brought quality buyers to the table while streamlining the evaluation process.”

Your staff’s decades of experience as merger and acquisition advisors really did pay off in our situation.? I was also pleased with your firm’s numerous industry contacts, not just locally but across the United States and Canada.? All parties of interest were substantial, qualified buyers on a professional level.? It was to our benefit your staff thoroughly understood our business and could convey not just a financial overview but the components of market segments and lines of products.? Equally impressive was the time spent to develop such a detailed presentation for potential buyers.? Having a professional presentation brought quality buyers to the table while streamlining the evaluation process.?? As my first experience with selling a company, I discovered that it is an involved process having numerous obstacles.?? I was pleased to have your team’s guidance through the complete process.? ?Your staff always had our interest at heart to achieve the best possible outcome.

David Andrew, Seller Client, Perfect Score Technologies, Dallas, Texas

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“Your vast professional network provided tremendous exposure to a multitude of qualified buyers“

I would like to commend Kasper & Associates for a job well done.? I do not believe Andrews Tool Company could have chosen a merger and acquisition firm of better repute nor one that could produce a better result.? Your creative approach gave ATC ownership the ability to satisfactorily capitalize the intangible assets inherent to the company.? Your vast professional network provided tremendous exposure to a multitude of qualified buyers, prospects whose interest was piqued by your professionalism and attention to detail.? In the end, your team paired the right buyer with the company and brokered an acquisition to the benefit of all — seller, buyer and employees of Andrews Tool Company.? Thank you, Kasper & Associates!

Frank Walker, General Manager of Seller Client, Andrews Tool Company, Arlington, Texas

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“The sale process was being handled in a positive and professional manner“

The decision to retain Kasper & Associates quickly became the opportunity to realize the successful sale of our family business. ?We felt very well-represented with their role in dealing with the prospective buyers allowing us the freedom and confidence necessary to remain focused on our day-to-day operations. ?Knowing the sale process was being handled in a positive and professional manner with timely updates was very reassuring to my sister, Kriszan Thomas, and me. ?It was a pleasure working with the prompt, well-prepared professionals at Kasper & Associates in all aspects of the sales process.

Karen Walden Dye, Seller Client, Walden’s Distributing, Fort Worth, Texas

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“Honesty & Integrity – with my best interest as your number one priority“

I would like to thank you for the outstanding job that you did in brokering the asset sale of Marshall Grain Company, Inc.? From the initial evaluation, to the marketing, to the qualifying of prospects, to the structuring of the transactions and finally through the closing, Kasper & Associates handled each stage professionally, confidently and effectively. Throughout the process you always worked with honesty, integrity and with my best interest as your number one priority.

James L. Marshall, Seller Client, Marshall Grain Company, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

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“I enjoy the professionalism of all the K&A personnel“

My experience with Kasper & Associates has always been a very positive one.? I enjoy the professionalism of K&A personnel, the time that they expend to match up the right client with the right buyer on each and every deal, and the follow-through on all of the details.? I also appreciate the honest character of all K&A personnel.

John Taylor, Buyer, Fort Worth F&D Head Company, Fort Worth, Texas

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“(You) delivered the message we needed to hear in a clear motivating manner…“

It is never too late to say “Thank You”, and certainly the two of us want you to know you really are appreciated. ?You not only accomplished your task as an Associate with Kasper & Associates, but delivered the message we needed to hear in a clear motivating manner…as we knew only you could. ?There is something about that manner of yours that is kind of a “kick ass” approach that gets people like us moving. ?We are grateful for that and for you.

Since we have spoken to you, we have moved onward with some increase in our enthusiasm. ?So, good friend and mentor, again we say thanks. Thank you for doing the very thing that you say you enjoy doing. ?We can attest that, indeed, you do enjoy working with entrepreneurs, and we have experienced that passion as you have continued to reach out to us!

Continue to be blessed as you bless others,

Prospective Seller Client, name withheld. ?K&A performed a preliminary valuation and determined that it was not in the client’s best interest to sell at that time. ?K&A’s Associate provided recommendations for improving the company’s performance and followed up to assist with implementation.

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“A real difference in people and performance using K&A“

Kasper & Associates is a remarkable blend of personal care and professional results. Thanks to your company, Branch-Smith was able to sell our magazine publishing division in a matter of months – during a year when many companies were guarded about investing in businesses of that type. We had made inquiries with some big New York City M&A companies in the past, and we can say there was a real difference in people and performance using K&A, who was in our own backyard all along.

Michael Branch, Seller Client, Branch-Smith Publishing, Fort Worth, Texas

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“Kasper & Associates truly has a Golden Rolodex for networking a solution to any transaction“

Personally, after enlisting K&A for two transactions (the sale of one company to a VC firm and the arrangement of financing/financial partners with the acquisition of another company), I know that I can count on Kasper to provide honest, prompt information and consulting on any transaction.? In addition, K&A’s entrenchment in the local financial community is tremendously beneficial in accessing all forms of business transaction services whether it is acquisition, divestiture, or financing.? Kasper & Associates truly has a Golden Rolodex for networking a solution to any transaction. I am already consulting with Layne Kasper on my third potential transaction with his firm.

Jack Farris, Seller Client with Farris Point-of-Sale, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas and Buyer Client with Signature Card, LP, Richardson, Texas

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“An entrepreneur’s answered prayer“

Kasper & Associates is the final word in choosing a trustworthy and credible business transaction partner.? Their ability to delineate the best targets for your business, put the right professionals together for a seamless closing and also be available for those potential financial questions is unparalleled.? They have been Kent and my only choice for the sale of all of our businesses for over 25 years…they are an entrepreneur’s answered prayer.

Susan Nix, Seller Client, TCU Florist and Sally’s Flower Shoppe; now Founder of Susan Nix Consulting Group, Fort Worth, Texas

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“Honest, forthright, and straight-shooting“

You can count on Kasper & Associates to be honest, forthright, and straight-shooting.? Their mission is to steer you down the right path, giving their all to help you make the right decision about buying or selling a business.? Kasper & Associates — solid professionals of the utmost integrity.

Marvin E. Blum, attorney,?The Blum Firm, P.C., Fort Worth, Texas

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“Kasper representatives are first-class professionals“

As a business lawyer I have been involved in many transactions over the past two decades where my clients were represented by the professionals at Kasper & Associates.? Many M&A advisors, unlike the Kasper principals, do not have a good sense of when they can contribute to the successful completion of a transaction and when they should step back and let the accountants, lawyers and other parties complete their part of the due diligence and document preparation necessary to successfully close a deal.? The K&A representatives are first-class professionals who are fully experienced in the “ballet dance” that must go on among the buyer and seller, the opposing lawyers, the accountants and other advisors in order to successfully and efficiently complete a modern business transaction, and they play their part in that cast of professionals as well or better than any group I have ever worked with.? I am always delighted to be hired by a client for a business transaction – either buyer or seller – and learn that Kasper & Associates is involved in the deal.

Phillip W. McCrury, attorney, Kelly Hart, Fort Worth, Texas

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“Knowledgeable and professional“

I’ve known Layne Kasper and K&A for a number of years and besides being knowledgeable and professional, whatever else positive that could be said about him… I’m saying it.

Billy Bob Harris, Managing Partner, Beta Business Development, Dallas, Texas

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“Our best interest was being kept and guarded diligently“

I believe the most valued piece to any relationship is trust.? Trust can be explained as knowing without a doubt that your best interest is being guarded diligently by those whom you surround yourself.? In dealing with the team at Kasper & Associates, we had the complete confidence that we could implicitly trust and know that our best interest was being kept and guarded diligently.? Open dialogue, complete disclosure, voicing concerns and confirming affirmations were all key elements to the relationship we have with this team.? They protected every one of our interests as though it were theirs.? Earning trust and retaining trust take integrity.? The fact the team openly prayed with us for discernment and wisdom before every meeting aligned our values and developed that trust that is so important to success.? Kasper & Associates is a fine organization and I count it a blessing to have worked with them.

Chris Tedford, Buyer Client, Automatic Products Corporation, Garland, Texas

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“Extremely effective in building a large network of potential buyers“

Over the last 15 years, our company has been very active in the acquisition and disposition of manufacturing operations.? Kasper & Associates has worked with our company in several capacities and has always provided us with appropriate candidates and information to help us achieve our goals.? K&A spends the time to understand our business and our needs, which allows them to present only opportunities that will be worth serious consideration.? Their approach helps to avoid wasting our time with a lot of “tire-kicking”. K&A has been extremely effective in building a large network of potential buyers and has created a name and a reputation that attracts sellers.? Their professionalism and experience allows them to leverage their contacts to provide a great value to their clients.? In my book, Kasper & Associates is the merger and acquisition firm to call in this area.

Steve Pike, Buyer & Seller Client, Former Owner, Waples Manufacturing, Fort Worth, Texas

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“Strong character, trust, experience and diligence”

I am always eager to tell business owners about Kasper & Associates.? When it comes to something as important as selling your business, you need a partner defined by strong character, trust, experience, and diligence.? You will fully experience these attributes working with Kasper & Associates, and you will likely develop friendships that will last beyond any subsequent “transaction.”

Mike Barber, Executive Director, Huntington Learning Center, Fort Worth, Texas

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“The best in the southwest”

I have never told Ed Kasper what led me to work with him when I returned to the area after working in the national office of a major accounting firm. ?When preparing to move my practice to Whitley Penn in Fort Worth, I stopped by the corporate finance department at the national firm to ask who handled the middle market companies in the FW/D metroplex. ?One of the corporate finance partners I respected tremendously said, ‘Larry, the best in the southwest for middle market business brokerage just happens to be in Fort Worth — Kasper & Associates is that firm. ?You should get to know them.’

Larry Autrey, Managing Partner, Whitley Penn LLP, Fort Worth, Texas

Even though there were times when it became tough…, you and your company did a great job matching this buyer with (my clients). ?I believe when the dust settles they will be happy that this chapter in their life came to a close in the way it did. ?Based on our experience, my team and myself would certainly recommend you and your company if the opportunity presented itself again.

Mark Topel, Partner,?Whitley Penn LLP,?Fort Worth, Texas

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“First-class all the way”

Kasper & Associates went above and beyond what is typically expected from an investment banker. ?From the high quality “no-fluff” offering memorandum to the significant time investment spent helping in diligence, the team at Kasper & Associates was first-class all the way. ?They were responsive, professional, patient, understanding, and fair – all contributing to a successful transaction?which?was truly a win-win for both parties. ?I look forward to hopefully working with them again on a future transaction

Zach Coopersmith, Buyer, Partner, Leading Ridge Capital Partners, Washington DC & New York City

* * * * * * * * * *

?“Unique market focus and personal attention”

I have been impressed with the unique market focus and personal attention your firm provides. ?Your firm is truly a rare find. ?At the risk of pandering, I also want to extend my compliments to Lud Jones, as he has been a great mentor through what is a somewhat foreign process to me.

Prospective buyer, name withheld

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“Class Act”

Ed Kasper, you are one class act, and I am honored to know you.”

Kim Tillman, Vice President, Regions Bank, Fort Worth, Texas

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“Knowledge and work ethic”

Whether you are looking to acquire a company or sell your own company, I’d highly recommend Kasper & Associates to advise and represent you.

Sol Kanthack, Buyer, Andrews Tool Company, Arlington, Texas

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